Proven Sales and Recruiting Methods

An Army Recruiter’s Guide to Selling Anything to Anyone

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  • Amazon Customer
    This is an excellent book for somebody getting into sales. The author was thrust into the job of becoming an Army recruiter, which is a very high stress position. He didn't have much to work with and had to figure a lot out by himself. This book is the distillation of his experiences. Each chapter talks about a different sales tactic or technique, based on the author's experience. The techniques make sense, are well explained and are illustrated by actual situations he ran into. The chapters are focused and brief. I found it easy to pick up the book for a few minutes each day, read a chapter or two, and immediately put some of the author's suggestions into practice.  
    Amazon Customer
  • Scott Hutchison
    Awesome book, very entertaining.
    Scott Hutchison
  • Cody J Siders
    Great book for sales and recruiting.
    Cody J Siders

Who am I? Well I’m assuming you landed on this page because you wanted to see just who this Cedric Crumbley character is. Correct?

Well instead of bragging and boasting I chose to post a few comments some friends sent me after I asked their opinion of me. Here’s what they had to say…

“You are a motivator brother!!” – Eddie Broughton

Cedric Crumbley was born in Albany, GA, and joined the Army after graduating high school. For four years he served as a medic. Then spent 14 years as a recruiter. His first book Proven Sales and Recruiting Methods outlines a system that he used to repeatedly forge success in sales and recruiting. His books help you live and thrive as a salesman.